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Private Catamaran Morning Charter
Set sail with us on your own private catamaran charter. You'll enjoy the morning breezes of the Mexican Caribbean surrounded by your family and friends aboard the Paso Doble. You can snorkel, swim, or just enjoy the tropical beauty of the Riviera Maya. Our 46-foot catamaran is yours for the morning. We specialize in weddings, family reunions, memorial services, corporate events, and other occasions to remember.
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Luxury Private Morning Charter
The sparkling morning sun brings out the best in the Pacific Breeze. With a mast that soars 82 feet in the air and a glistening teak deck below, our 75-foot catamaran greets each day as the Mayan Riviera's unrivaled queen of the sea. You too will be treated like royalty aboard the Pacific Breeze. Brimming with deluxe features, the Pacific Breeze is the ideal complement to our staff's well-established reputation for service and excellence. Whether you're enjoying the warm embrace of the Mexican Caribbean or the amenities of our catamaran, mornings will never be the same after your time with us.
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Private Catamaran Afternoon/Sunset Charter
Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than sailing along the Mayan Riviera on your own private charter tour? We don't think so, and anyone who has been aboard our 46-foot catamaran for an afternoon on the Mexican Caribbean will agree. Snorkel, swim, or sit back and soak up the sun - it's your tour. We specialize in weddings, family reunions, memorial services, corporate events, and other occasions to remember.
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Luxury Private Afternoon/Sunset Charter
The afternoon breeze and the Pacific Breeze are a perfect match. Our 75-foot catamaran sets a new standard for luxury on the Mayan Riviera. Built for exclusive Mediterranean charters, the Pacific Breeze has been refitted and customized for its new home in the Caribbean. You'll marvel at both the elegance of your accommodations and the exceptional service that only Paradise Catamarans provides. Our only competition is the natural beauty of the reef where your group will snorkel, swim, and relax. Whatever the occasion, we'll make it an afternoon you and your guests will never forget.
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Private Catamaran Sunset Sailing Charter
Sunset on the Mayan Riviera is our favorite time of day. You'll understand how we feel when you experience our sunset sailing tour aboard the Paso Doble. There's no better place to soak up the last rays of the tropical sun than our graceful 46-foot catamaran as we cruise up the Caribbean coastline.
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Six-Hour Private Snorkeling Charter
Our six-hour tour gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of the inviting waters of the Mayan Riviera. Our 46-foot catamaran will take you to two choice spots in the Mexican Caribbean -- one ideal for snorkeling and the other perfectly suited for a relaxing swim. If you're hosting a wedding, family reunion, corporate event, or other special occasion, a full day of togetherness will create memories to last a lifetime.