Paradise Catamarans

Snorkel the Mayan Riviera with Paradise Catamarans

Snorkeling makes the underwater wonders of the Riviera Maya accessible to just about everyone. After a few minutes of instruction, you'll be enjoying the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and marveling at sights you'll find nowhere else.

The equipment needed for snorkeling is simple and lightweight. Best of all, it's included as part of your tour package at no extra cost. Below is a list of the snorkeling basics:

  • Snorkel mask.
  • Semi-dry snorkel tube.
  • Fins (to turn your feet into powerful flippers).
  • Flotation vest (a great safety feature for kids and tentative swimmers).

There's nothing complicated about breathing through a snorkel tube. Most first-time snorkelers, even small children, pick up the technique with little practice. You'll appreciate our semi-dry snorkels. Unlike the cheaper models commonly provided to tourists, the purge valves in semi-dry snorkels minimize the amount of water entering the breathing tube. (In case you're wondering, we wash our equipment after each tour with a specially formulated cleansing solution.)

Paradise Catamarans offers its guests two varieties of snorkeling.

Conventional snorkeling is the simplest way to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean. You'll swim at your own pace above the seabed below, with an unhurried view of the coral reef and marine life. The "Fish Identification Card" we issue to each snorkeler will help you better understand the diversity of the Riviera Maya ecosystem. One of our professional guides is assigned to supervise no more than twelve snorkelers. Once you learn to go with the flow, you won't want to get out of the water.

Power snorkeling adds speed and excitement to the fun of snorkeling. Gripping one of our Sea Scooters, you'll slice through the water as if you had real fins. One of our professional guides is assigned to supervise no more than eight power snorkelers. Keep in mind that power snorkeling can give your arms a workout. At the same time, however, the power of the Sea Scooter will enable you to cover a much greater area.

You'll find our English-speaking guides to be not only knowledgeable and helpful, but trained professionals in underwater safety. You'll have the snorkeling time of your life in an environment that's safe, beautiful, and fun.